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By Slit / Slot (mesh size)

Up to 20 μm (up to 0.02 mm)

A precision filtration device with six Fine Wedge cylindrical filters with a minimum of 5 μm.
Clogging can be eliminated by sequential backwashing using the disk type switching valves mounted on the top and bottom. Therefore, continuous operation is possible without interrupting the filtration process.



1~5 m3/h(15 ~ 80L/min.)


Utilizes the advantages of surface filtration
Fine WedgeR with its triangle shape has a high backwashing effect based on surface filtration
(Prevents clogging of filter)

Ultimate simple structure
Disc type switching valves mounted at the top and bottom backwash the filters one at a time

Continuous operation is possible without interrupting filtration

Main Applications

・ Reduction of load by pretreatment of membrane filter (filter cloth)
・ Filtration for chemical product manufacturing processes
・ Separation of fine particles such as printing machine toner
・ Filtration processes (precoating using recovered matter)
・ Product concentration processes