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Q1.What is a Wedge Wire Screen?
Wedge Wire Screen is drainboard-shaped screen (wire mesh) with triangle shaped wires welded to support members called support rods at equal intervals. Wedge Wire Screen has the properties that "Solid materials are difficult to clog and drainage is good," "Backwashing effect is high," and "Can be processed into various shapes." Wedge Wire Screen can be used for various purposes such as classification, dewatering, concentration and filtration.

What is a Wedge Wire Screen?

Q2.Do you offer screens other than Wedge Wire Screen?
Yes, naturally. In addition to general woven wire mesh and perforated plate, we offer "Urethane Screen" made from polyurethane. It is a screen molded with our unique mold. It is lighter than metal screens, highly flexible, and excellent in wear resistance.
Q3.Do you only offer screen parts?
In addition to screen parts, we offer original equipment developed to meet various needs such as solid-liquid separation, concentration, dewatering and washing, using the above Wedge Wire Screen.
Q4.Can you make parts suitable for existing equipment that we are currently using?
Yes, of course we can.
First, please tell us the specific information (shape, location of use, purpose of use, etc). Based on this, we will propose a product that is suited to the usage conditions and situations based on our experience.
Q5.Is it possible to receive a sample of parts?
If there is a product from the "Search for Products" page of this website that you would like to verify by receiving a sample, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Also, we participate in various exhibitions, so we would be happy to see you at an exhibition. (Click here for Exhibition Information)
We also display our equipment and products at our head office in Nara, so you are also welcome to come and visit us.
Q6.Can you respond to requests for consideration of devices with special specifications?
Yes, of course we can.
We can manufacture equipment and customize parts according to our customers' requests.
Q7.Is it possible to borrow a test machine when introducing the equipment?
Please contact us using the website contact form or by telephone.
Q8.What is the difference between a drum screen and an inclined screen (ULTRA TN SCREEN)?
The main difference of a drum screen versus an inclined screen is that processing with higher concentration and larger flow rate is possible in a smaller space. Also, because the residence time is long, it can be used for washing and concentration of the substance on the mesh. By providing a spiral inside the cylindrical screen, smooth discharge of solid matter is promoted.
Q9.Do you have a price list?
No, we do not. We prepare a quotation for each request, so in the first instance, please contact us.
Q10.What kind of equipment is MASTER BUNTAROH that you offer?
"MASTER BUNTAROH(R)" is a device that separates raw materials and foreign matter in food using water flow. Compared to manual foreign matter sorting, the speed of work is significantly improved and a high foreign matter recovery rate is realized.
Q11.Can you make new parts for equipment that we are currently using?
First, please tell us the user name / product name (model) / nameplate description (manufacturing date, manufacturing number). We will respond by specifying the equipment used from the delivery record data. Moreover, if you provide photographs of the whole device, faulty parts, etc., we can propose a more appropriate solution method.