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By Purpose

Filtration (solid size: up to 100 μm)

FineArc is a fine aperture screen that adopts Fine WedgeR as a solid-liquid separation screen with even finer apertures (less than 0.1 mm) than our conventional ULTRA TN SCREEN. It can be used for recovery of sludge and concentration of slurry.
* The appearance, specifications etc. are subject to change without notice due to product improvements and updates.



By injecting pressure liquid almost uniformly against the surface of Fine WedgeR, it is possible to perform solid-liquid separation with fine apertures.

Contents / ModelsCL200RN1CL200RN1-FWCL600RN1CL600RN-FW
Screen Wide200200600600
Case Wide500575750900
Case Depth800800800800
Case Height1300130013001300
Outlet Size50A JIS10KFF50A JIS10KFF200A JIS10KFF200A JIS10KFF
Recovery Outlet253W x 130D253W x 130D653W x 130D653W x 130D
OptionNoneDriven Flush PipeNoneDriven Flush Pipe
Motor (kW)-0.1-0.1
Weight (kg)90120170200

Slit (Slot)

20μm to 100μm

Main Applications

・ Pretreatment for various microfiltration devices
・ Resin powder / insulation coating / fine powder recovery from chemical plants
・ Sludge in coolant liquid / whetstone recovery
・ Reduction of load of wastewater by sludge concentration
・ Recovery of algae
・ Secondary recovery for ULTRA TN SCREEN, etc.
・ Pulp, labels, fine fiber recovery
・ Sewage river discharge at various plants

Track Record of Performance

ApplicationSlit / Slot (μm)Supply Pressure (MPa)ModelThroughput (m3/h)Option
Removal of feathers, etc. from washing drainage of incubator200.2~0.36005.3
Recovery of water‐bloom from pond200.2~0.3600 x 220
Removal of resin powder in production line300.062002Fixed Flush Pipe
SS removal in cotton coating solution drainage300.152004
Removal of solid matter such as paper powder in ultra-high pressure washing circulating water300.17~0.18200 x 315
Recovery and concentration of solids from highly concentrated drinking water500.246005.6Driven Flush Pipe
Recovery of pickling drainage500.2~0.360011.2