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Filtration (solid size: up to 100 μm)

SS Collector
SS Collector
A filtration apparatus built-in Fine Wedge of minimum 5 micro meter slot (slit) size.
In ordinary, it's possible to use screen repeatedly by backwashing, also capture smaller particles than the slot (slit) for cake filtration effect. (Depends on objects)
It’s such a simple structure that users easily disassemble, therefore, can maintain in a short time.


SS Collector

Slot (Slit): over 5 micro mm (at will)
Filtration Area: 4,700 cm2 (φ51×420L×7)
Material: SUS304, SUS316L
Throughput: 8.6 m3/h (Clear water)


SS Collector

A low frequency of replacement, or no replacement
SS collector can use repeatedly by backwashing, because it’s used Fine Wedge as inlet filter. Fine Wedge with its triangle shape has a high backwashing effect based on surface filtration. (Prevents clogging of filter)

Capture smaller particles than the slot (slit) for cake filtration effect
Particles layered on the surface of screen serve a function of filter media, therefore, capture smaller particles than the slot (slit). (Depends on objects)

Can process high-concentration slurry for dead-end filtration
It’s necessary to make a test confirmation because the throughput differs depending on strength of density.

Simple structure, so maintain quickly easily in short time
Users can detach inner filter used Fine Wedge, just to operate detach clamping bar and so on. And as drain discharge unit is placed with the downward, sediments are discharged smoothly.

Test Results Data

Rinse water of washing resin extruders
Slot (Slit):
5 micro mm
Suspended Solids Rate:
Raw: 17,000 mg/L
Filtrated: 0.5 mg/L
Concentrated 190,000 mg/L
1.1 m3/h

Coagulation flock of metallic ion
Slot (Slit):
5 micro mm
Suspended Solids Rate:
Raw: 22,000 mg/L
Filtrated: 17 mg/L
Concentrated 8,600 mg/L


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